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Map Project 2022 


Berlin Map Project 


Archive Exhibition : May 25th 26th 27th / open :14:00 - 19:00 

Performance : 2022  May 27th  20:00  (Performance Duration time : 20 min) 

location: SCHERERSTRASSE 11, 13347 Berlin-Wedding 

Music :Team ERROR 

Berlin Transition 


A transfer is a pass by

It's not deep. It's light.

I try to imprint something in it, but it ends up as an afterimage.

It takes a lot of time to create coordinates that are not afterimage.

In the past, I was unconditionally showing of my results or anxious about unexpected situations.

I don't feel anxious even if it's not < Coordination >  because a lot of personal records are accumulated.



  1. The Past has a Hardness / The past has a Quotation

  2. I'm Flexible / My Identity has a Flexible.

  3. This flexibility can be described as identity and can be altered by citation

  4. If you describe mixing 1st and 2nd as <Digesting>

  5. Is this the Future or the Present?

  6. s this the real definition of Me?

Ljubljana Map Project 

Performance : 2022  June 5th  21:30   (Performance Duration time : 30 min)

Location: Prijateljeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia  Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Music : Yoon Sang Choi  /wHOOL 

Territory , Yesterday, and Now

We lived in the past and are passing today.
Everything that reminds us is heard, said, and seen.
How do we look at the gap between what we've been through and the generation that we haven't been through?
And will  we be able to sing the song again that was sung in that flow?



스크린샷 2022-05-23 18.48.11.png
스크린샷 2022-05-23 18.49.22.png

Busan Map Project 


Performance : 2022   August  26th , 27th  (Performance Duration time : 45 min)

Location: Center for Creative Culture and Vitality Small Theater 624, Busan , Korea


Cast : Gong -won , Yoon-A Song , Hye -Yoon Kim , Yeon-Jung Ryu, Jung - Suk Lee ,

Junng-Eun Lee, Su - Kyeng Kim , Su- Kyeng Lee ,  Hye-Won Yoon , Kyeng-Suk Yoon


Music : Yoon Sang Choi  /wHOOL 

Co-production:  Global Women Performing Art Festival  ( Korea)


People create their own environment.

It's an inertial developing growth, and I called it 'History'

Busan now created by their own History . I saw a huge and beautiful living scene through them.

The modern society of that they digest.

When they become the Coordinations of place, the Map would be alive.
And, Map is Alive through their Body History.



지도 프로젝트-부산_리허설027.jpg
지도 프로젝트-부산_리허설095.jpg
지도 프로젝트-부산_리허설063.jpg
스크린샷 2022-08-12 23.52.11.png

Sofia Map Project 


Performance : 2022   October  12th  (Performance Duration time :  20 min)

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria, Alma Alter Theatre Laboratory, Tzar Osvoboditel blvd, 15


Choreography, Video : Gong -won  


Music : Gong-won, Yoon Sang Choi  /wHOOL 


I am interested in the environment that I grew up in. The memory that I grew up with began with the influence of my family and it is interesting that this has become

my own character.

In my opinion, it’s not the best way of processing contemporary art works that

we focus on to find the “something new''.

I realized that observing myself is really important and how to link with

my personal history.

That is another meaning of understanding coordinates.

The map project, which began by observing itself, is still moving.

You're the one of important coordinates.


Map Project_2022_3.jpeg
Map Project_2922_8.jpeg
Map Project_2022_6.jpeg
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