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GONG WON (Su young Park) 

Professional dancer with skills in Kpop, Improvisation and Hiphop with 18 years. 

she is a Multiplayer dancer who can participate in all style stages, 

from commercial dance to contemporary improvisational dances. 

Professional Experience / K-pop & Commercial 

2022. 11 A Choreographer and Judge of The Kinston Korean Festival Kpop Competition 

2022.  9  A Choreographer of The Kinston Korean Festival (Korean British Cultural Exchange

2022 . 7  Kpop Workshop ( Supported by London Korean School)

2022 . 6  A judge of The Kpop World Festival Preliminary Competition in Croatia 

2022 . 6  Kpop workshop  ( Supported by kpopdanceljubljana  Koreanistično Društvo Dajeong) 

2022.  5  Kpop workshop ( Supported by KCE Korea Croatia Events KCE Korea Croatia Events )


2021. "Shin Chun hyang jeon" dancer


2015-2019 NGO Korean-Japanese cultural exchange ACOPIA KPOP dance instructor.


2011-2015 Yeonga ENT. Dance instructor.

2011 UNIVERA's company promotion video.

2011 (CF) Dongwon Tuna Filming.


2010 (CF) "Welcome Ron" choreography, working on music, and assisting in choreography.


2010 Shanghai Expo, China, Korea Promotional Video Choreography Assistant

2010 (CF) Samchully bicycle dance assistant.


2008 Miss Korea choreography assistant 


2007 K-pop dance performances for children with disabilities and adolescents (Shinmok General Social Welfare Center)

UK  Kpop  Online  Workshop &  Performance
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2022 Kpop World Festival
Kpop Workshops 
Kpop Classes 
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