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Map Project 2021 

A map is being mapped.

It can be a personal map or something beyond.  

In Korea, I'm making a <Life Map Project>. 
The project first began with a constructive way of proceeding "Looking back on me" through a map of the past, but then weaving the sad question of "So, where is the essence?" into various materials, including movement.

Perhaps, these situations show the fragmentation of Korea.

I feel that Koreans have settled faster than any other country because they are obsessed with having to live in the same level as others, which occurs quickly in a situation where they cannot afford to, but it has gone without conservation and is not "a pretext for guidance" for the next generation. 




I am now standing on the Present map, the coordinates of things it will become useless. why? where are our real useless history?

 Is that real old is just "old"?  

Then can't we find the coordinates in the  past generations  maps?

Map project virtual exhibition
1st - 30th November . 2021 . Online
Poster 12.jpg
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