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Dance of Layers


2019. April

스크린샷 2019-11-21 오후 2.21.17.png

Director : Seung-jung  Sung

Choreographer : Gong-won

Concept : Gong-won & Seung-jung Sung

Dancing, for me, is kind of like a painting. There's an end to the paper, But there's no dance. Space is infinite. So dance is an extension of the painting for me, so to speak. My body is made of materials and paints, which makes me feel more about myself.


This is just my style, but the original I drew for the first time is called a "chebon." I like to put thin paper on top of my "chebon" and draw it as if I were copying the original. I like to break up and reconstruct my existing paintings. I like paper. And this is how it feels,I really like this one, Even tearing feels a lot different from when it's dry and wet.

My body is getting older. I don't think it's a debilitating thing.It will be more getting wisdom in my body and it is another meaning of my embodiment. What changes? I'm happy to accept it.

스크린샷 2019-11-21 오후 2.21_edited.jpg
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