Improvisation Project Team 

Director & Choreographer: Lee Ji-en , Gong-won (Su-young Park)

Lee Ji-eun, a current instructor of Korea National University of Art, and Gong-won who are active in various fields of art such as painting and dance . Their mainly work is called a Contact Improvisation  as a serious but cheerful team that values the meaning of movement from human relations and coincidences.

Project Hon-bob 


Director & Choreographer: Lee Ji-en , Gong-won (Su-young Park)

Dancer: Lee Ji-en , Gong-won (Su-young Park) , Lee Jung-sub

Site-specific Performance

Director: Lee Ji-eun , Gong-won (Su-young Park)

Dancer: Lee Ji-eun , Gong-won (Su-young Park) 


"When we been to this Stone park, Nature talked to us about Jeju history.

we were listing to this story, and we were humbled it.

This improvise moment is connecting with nature and us."


    "We notice that <Connection> is the best way of human being lives."

                   Lee Ji-eun

Site-specific Performance

5th Jeju Improvisation Dance Festival

© Suyoung Park / Instagram @gong_won01