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Map Project 2020 

Multidisciplinary art 


I take the form of following the flow of my genetic and environmental factors. 

It's going to talk about a huge group of history that's flowing through the body. 

So, how does the history of the individual that is subconsciously embedded in the memory remain in the body?

The basic formulation formula for family is the meeting between man and man. Human A and human B have separate family groups, and there are numerous groups above them. Human C, the next generation that comes out as an extension of its long history, is a summary of the group.

In this C, the basic environment grows into an A+B environment, but gradually C is created with A+B+(external environmental impact).


Behavioral patterns, words, thoughts, etc. were basically accepted from A+B. C has learned this fact in the long term with acknowledging it. 

This is the process of forming a basic family. 

What connections do their maps made through this process have?


Current fixed location


Seoul, South Korea​

Vélez Blanco & Vélez Rubio, Spain

Sophia, Bulgaria

Sukabumi, Indonesia

스크린샷 2020-02-09 오전 2.16.39.png

Seoul, South Korea​

Vélez Rubio, Spain

 Sophia, Bulgaria

Sukabumi, Indonesia

스크린샷 2020-02-09 오전 2.18.47.png

The result of our artistic connection breaking down all regional contextual boundaries                -2020 Map Project- ​


Give the audience a chance

to make a personal historical map of them.   

-2020 Map Project- Changwon / Korea

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