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Map Project in Hwaseong 

Map Project in Hwaseong


**Recipient of the 'Noteworthy Gaze' category at the 30th Dance Arts Awards**


Exhibition : 2nd , 3rd , 4th Nnovember 2023  (11:00 -18:00)

Performance :  4th November 2023  16:00  (Performance Duration time : 30 min) 

location:  Hwaseong Manse Traditional Market place - Gallery’s tuo

Music : Yoonsang Choi

Cast : Gong won , Yoon - A  Song , Bawarat  , Yeom na yeon , Doti Huea



Exhibition Content


If the first industrial era saw regions shifting due to the expansion of logistics and transportation, in the fourth industrial era, regional changes occur through personal behavioral zones and individual reasons.

The question of what causes movement beyond the areas where individuals were born and raised serves as the motivation for collecting the records of <Map Project in Hwaseong>. These records serve as both research and the contributions of a third party.


My initial observation involved recording capturing the moment more vividly compared to written documentation. I aimed to minimize interference, adopting a format of predetermined questions and listening to their records while observing.


The second observation involved simply gazing. The crucial elements in the process of women leaving their hometowns and choosing to move, while continuing their history in a specific area, were the accumulated bodily memories of language, songs, and dance.


The third observation was modification. Habits from their personal histories encountered new maps.



The exhibition videos depict women living in various regions and the records related to those areas. The exhibition prints showcase their appearances and words, all hailing from the regions they inhabit.

Map project_화성_2.jpg
Map project_화성_5.jpg
Map project_화성_7.jpg
Map Project_화성_1.jpg

"I couldn't control the flowing tears"

"Their stories resonated with me."

"This project vividly demonstrates how dance arts can contribute to society." - Dance Critic Mr. Jang -

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